How To Stay Motivated All Year Long: Fitness And Healthy Eating Tips For Staying On Course

While just about everybody would love for it to be easy to stay on track year-round with their fitness and healthy eating goals, almost everybody falters at one point or another. Some people have trouble sticking to their plans over the holidays or over the course of the winter, while others fizzle out after a key event has passed. For those who are determined to work toward their goals consistently throughout the year, here are some great strategies available that can make the process a bit easier.

Embrace the opportunity to try new things as the weather changes

Focusing on a diet jam-packed with quality foods is key to long-term success when it comes to being healthy. With winter behind us, some of your favorite vegetables and fruits will start becoming easier to find. This also provides a great opportunity to try some new foods that you might otherwise pass over. Push aside the sweets and junk food, and remember that staying consistent with healthy eating year-round will have a significant impact on how you feel and look.

The change of seasons often means a change of activities for many people. With warmer weather arriving, it’s time to get outside. This is also a great time to re-evaluate your fitness routine.

Longer days and warmer temps can help you get back into running, walking, biking, or hiking. Spring is known for being a rainy season, so you can still fall back on some of your winter routines. Swimming is a fabulous form of exercise (especially with the aid of some helpful equipment) that can be done all year long and some people look to exercise videos they can use comfortably at home without having to worry about the weather outside. Even housework, dancing, mall walking, and stair climbing can produce great fitness results if staying indoors is necessary during the rainier days of spring and the dogs days of summer.

Set small goals and find a buddy for support to keep your motivation up

Setting goals can be another fantastic way to stay focused and motivated. The Mayo Clinic notes that while it is important to have an end goal in mind, such as how much weight you want to lose or what kind of fitness goal you want to hit, it is important to set smaller goals as well. Overall goals may feel overwhelming and simply too big, but breaking things down into smaller chunks can provide the motivation you need to keep pushing forward.

Focus on small goals you can hit to give you a taste of success

These mini goals should be specific, realistic, measurable and attainable, as if they are too broad or difficult they won't keep you motivated. For example, you may want to set initial mini goals to do things such as exercise for 30 minutes five days a week, drink a certain amount of water each day, or stop snacking after dinner. Keep track of your progress, set up small rewards to celebrate your successes, and set new goals that will help you move forward.

Staying fit and healthy throughout the entire year can take some creativity at times, but shaking things up can also give you an extra dose of motivation and keep things fresh. Focus on activities that you can do either indoors or outdoors, or try new things when the weather dictates a break from the usual. Healthy eating is attainable year-round as well, but you may need to branch out to try new things. Think of measurable action items and connect with others who share similar goals to ensure that you keep successfully working on your fitness and healthy eating plans all year long.

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Guest author Paige Johnson is a fitness fanatic with and loves helping people find their groove with exercise. You can contact her at


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