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Client Testimonials

"As a Naturopathic Doctor with a very discriminating taste and hjigh expectations; I have found I can confidently refer my patients to Karen Davis. Not only does she have in-depth knowledge of the dietary requirements for various conditions; the quality and diversity of her recipes reflect her attention to detail. Furthermore, her common sense approach and sensitivity make patient's feel at ease, while empowering to implement new ways. Thank you Karen!"

Nathalie Paraviocini, ND

"Karen did a wonderful job of helping me understand the science behind health and wellness. Being armed with this knowledge has naturally led me to longstanding healthy eating habits and holistic health. For me this was a much more sensible approach than following a fad diet from a food grid. 

Many in her field can be incredibly off-putting with their holier than thou attitude. That is not the case with Karen. She understood cravings and explained the science behind them, what they mean and therefore, how to prevent bad cravings. 
We covered everything from fluoride, to recipes, skincare, sugar, energy bars, iodine, sleep, cholesterol and even cancer. My wife at the time was going through breast cancer (glad to say has since been declared cancer free) and Karen helped me implement some ideas that really helped give her through her recovery.

Remember that class/professor in high school or college that you almost didn’t take but did and it changed your outlook on life? For me it was AP Art History with Mrs. Dumont. This is how I think of my time with Karen. She will impact your life."

Whit B



"I have struggled with migraines since I was 6 and have been handed pamphlet after pamphlet on what food triggers might be causing them. I have also read hundreds of articles online with tons of differing and sometimes contrasting advice without knowing which ones to trust. I had the worst migraine of my life this past October and after that I became determined to find a way to minimize and hopefully eliminate migraines from my life. That is when I began working with Karen. She helped me redefine my diet and added in/took out supplements to help me get the vitamins and nutrients with which I was missing. It has now been 8 months entirely migraine-free! Not only am I living my life without migraines, but I no longer get small headaches, which previously I was getting almost daily. I also have more energy for life and feel like a fog has lifted from me. I am able to think clearer and do more of the activities I love doing. Food has such a profound impact on ones life and I am so grateful I have had the opportunity of working with Karen to not only get ride of my

migraines, but also to increase my overall health and well-being."  Samantha B. 


“Working with Karen helped me understand the relationship between food and our health.  She helped confirm my allergy to wheat and gluten. I have learned to relate to food differently and be mindful about what I eat and how I eat.  I have better energy and my body image has improved. I now look forward to creating healthy meals for my family using whole foods.” Kathy F.


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